GenToX helps healthcare providers offer personalized patient care through Pharmacogenomics programs and treatment solutions. Our Pharmacogenomics programs fill the needs of different healthcare segments for personalized care for patients and individuals.

By being able to see how an individual’s genes affect their response to drugs, it can help develop effective, safe medications and doses that will be tailored to their genetic makeup. Our Pharmacogenomic programs allow healthcare providers to help patients successfully treat their health issues and receive the best personalized medical care.

GenToX Pharmacogenomics Programs and Treatment Solutions:

Complete Program Support: GenToX works with labs, billing, and clinicians. No extra staff required.
Covered: Medicare and other Payors.
Personalize Patient Care: Improve safety and effectiveness based on genetic makeup.
Simple Testing: Simple cheek swab. GenToX handles the process.
Lifetime Report: Know a patient’s effective and non-effective medications, right dosage, metabolizer status, and suggested medications. Only one tested needed per patient gene panel in a lifetime.

There are over 200 medications with Pharmacogenomic biomarker information listed in the product labeling noted by the FDA. The FDA continues to grow the list as more responders and non-responders of medications are identified. Get Started ➜