At GenToX, we strive to work with health providers and facilities to help them offer personalized medical care to their patients and residents. We provide complete program management and support that allows healthcare providers the ability to offer optimal patient care with no inconveniences or added operational requirements. Our Pharmacogenomic testing programs are customized to the patient and resident treatment types and are covered by Medicare.

Pharmacogenomics is providing a new avenue to support personalized patient care and allows healthcare providers to analyze a broad amount of information regarding drug therapy. PGx testing results provide healthcare providers a reference for medication and treatment choices throughout patients’ entire life, making the testing attractive solution as we move toward personalized medicine.

Healthcare providers seldom have the time or resources to implement a new program into practice, even if it is largely beneficial to their patients. Our goal is to help healthcare facilities implement personalized patient care testing by offering full management and staffing program support. We aspire to help patients get personalized medical care without inconvenience to the health care facility.”

Nick Kensey

Our Pharmacogenomic Programs are set up where we manage the treatment testing process. GenToX specialists work with healthcare providers to help them to determine individuals who would benefit from PGx treatment. We partner with labs across the United States to offer the most progressive, gene panel testing in pharmacogenomics. We also have other program testing for hereditary cancer and toxicology.

GenToX to creating customized programs for various PGx treatments as the Healthcare industry is being forced to change how we approach patient care. Rather than the standard “one size” fits all approach, there is a shift toward personalized patient care. Pharmacogenomics is at the forefront of this shift as it is proving to be an effective source of personalized care.