Pharmacogenomics testing in Addiction Centers helps individualize drug dependence and is performed to optimize treatment efficacy and reduce toxicity and adverse reactions. Pharmacogenomics test the patients’ genetic variation to predict their individualized response to medications which holds much promise to improve treatment of addictive disorders.

The drug categories analyzed by the gene panel for neuropsychiatric include: withdrawal medications, depression, anxiety, psychosis, arthritis and migraine, pain management, and ADHD.

GenToX offers programs for Pharmacogenomics testing in Addiction Centers where we help evaluate candidates for pharmacogenomic testing based on clinical applicability of the patients’ profile. We help with program implementation, patient swabbing, laboratory testing, and patient testing results.

Pharmacogenomics Testing in Addiction Centers Will Measure:

  • Whether a medication may be an effective treatment for the patient
  • What the best dose of a medication for the patient
  • Whether the patient could have serious side effects from a medication

Pharmogenomics is increasing adaptation in drug addiction therapy treatments to help over personalized patient care and optimize evolving new treatments. The FDA continues to add more drugs with a pharmacogenomic biomarker as more responders and non-responder of medications are identified.