Pharmacogenomics testing in hospitals and health systems allows doctors to optimize patient care. Pharmacogenomics helps tailor treatments based on a patients’ genes, not just age, lifestyle and overall health. This innovative approach reduces the potential trial and error of prescribing medications, and allows healthcare providers to choose the right drug and right dose the first time.

GenToX offers programs for Pharmacogenomics testing in hospitals and health systems where we help evaluate qualified patients for pharmacogenomic testing based on clinical applicability of their medical profile. We help with program implementation, patient swabbing, laboratory testing, and patient testing results.

Pharmacogenomics Testing in Hospitals Can:

  • Reduce Overall Spend
  • Decrease ADRS
  • Increase Quality of Care

Our Pharmacogenomics programs create a key component to helping healthcare providers deliver personalized patient care. The adoption of personalized prescribing through pharmacogenetic testing is expected to continuously grow as more and more healthcare providers adapt these systems and learn the importance of knowing a patient’s unique genetics before prescribing. Pharmacogenomic data provides vital clinical decision-making support for healthcare providers and patients.