Personalizing Care with Our PrescribeRite Program – Covered by Medicare

Our Long-Term Care Pharmacogenomics testing program, PrescribeRite, provides personalized health care to your residents by ensuring accuracy and effectiveness of drug regimens based on genetic makeup. We reduce the amount of medications while increasing the effectiveness of medications that residents take.

Now Long-Term Care facilities have the means to offer personalized care with Pharmacogenomics which is covered by Medicare. Residents in long-term care facilities typically take multiple medications daily, and poly-pharmacy is a rapidly growing problem in geriatric care. Ineffective drug response is common, unsafe, and costly.

Our PrescribeRite Program Provides You Many Benefits Including:

Increase Safety – No Unnecessary Side Effects
2Improve Quality of Care
3Decrease Adverse Drug Reactions
4Substantial Cost Savings
5Maximize Drug Efficacy

No nursing staff is needed and there are no billing headaches. We handle the entire process from selecting qualified patients, collecting samples, and handling paperwork, to discussing results and implementing changes. Our PrescribeRite Program eliminates the “one-size-fits-all” approach and provides your residents with personalized patient care.

*Three New York homes that initiated PGx testing, the average percentage of falls resulting in major injury was 2.43% six months pre-PGxT testing & 0.86% six months post-PGx testing.