Follow the step by step easy to follow instructions below on how to properly swab for a Pharmacogenomic test.

1. Open collection box and confirm the name on the barcode.
2. Remove the tube from the box and ensure the Sterile seal has not been compromised.
3. Remove swab from tube and insert into your mouth, placing both cotton tips against your left cheek.
4. Swab in a vigorous up and down brushing motion for a minimum of 30 seconds. Flip the swab over and repeat on the right cheek.
5. Reseal the tube and return to the box. Return the kit using the pre-paid shipping label provided.

Next Steps

  1. Mail Test to Lab
  2. Physician Receives Results
  3. Physician Reviews Test Results

Results can be used in all future diagnosis and should be provided to all of the individual’s healthcare providers.

Test Results Show

  • Which drug regimens are working and which are not.
  • The correct doses that should be taken.
  • Which drugs the individual should or should not take for any future medical diagnosis.

Benefits of Test

  • Test Benefits
  • Improve Quality Care
  • Decrease Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRS)
  • Reduce Cost such as Prescription Spend
  • Covered by Medicare and Other Payors