Pharmacogenomic testing will analyze an individual’s genetic makeup to determine their ability to metabolize various prescription medications. Knowing their metabolizer status can increase the effectiveness of medication. Those with duplications of specific genetic code will rapidly metabolize medications, where those with deletions of specific genetic code may receive no medical benefit from certain drug treatments.

Pharmacogenomic Testing Provides Numerous Benefits:

  • Provides an effective medication regimen.
  • Improves safety and minimizes effects.
  • Is covered through Medicare and other payors.

Pharmacogenomic testing is a comprehensive test that is performed by a simple oral swap. The testing process is simple.

How Does It Work?

Simple cheek swab.
2Swab is sent overnight to a pharamocogenomic testing laboratory.
3A comprehensive report is generated and sent to your physician.
4Physician will review your report with you.
5Use this report with any doctor your see.